Qatar Riders registered good results at the opening round of the 2014 Global Champions Tour (GCT) season in Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday evening, 26 April. The best result was 4th place achieved by rider Bassem Hassan Mohammed● Hamad Ali Al Attiyah, 19, has won the Indoor Show Jumping Derby in Den Bosch on Saturday 22 March 2014 ● Khalid Mohammed Al Emadi has won the 2014 HH the Emir of Qatar 'Sword' Championship early March ● Hamad Ali Al Attiyah took part in the Show Jumping World Cup Finals in Lyon, France● Hamad Nasser Al Qadi leads the FEI World Jumping Challenge Rankings and has qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in China● Qatar National Show Jumping team has qualified on merit to the Nations Cup Finals to be held in Barcelona next October ● QEF has appointed a highly experienced British trainer, Christopher Bartle, as an advisor of the Qatar National Eventing team currently camping in the UK in preparation for the September Asian Games to be held in Korea.     ♦    

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Who We Are

Brief History


Since it was established, the Qatar Equestrian Federation has been working under the umbrella and sponsorship of the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC)with full coordination with all relevant QOC departments.


Thanks to the foresight of QEF Board of Directors, the Qatar Equestrian Federation usually organizes and delivers national and international competitions in a spirit of fair play where female and male riders compete on equal footing at the highest levels of sportsmanship and fair play in such tournaments as HH The Emir of Qatar Sword Championship, the Arab Tour World Cup qualifying rounds, the Global Champions Tour (GCT)and other prestigious international and national competitions.

The Qatar Equestrian Federation is devoted to provide the best horses, trainers and experts to ensure the development of generations of riders to hone their talents and skills.

The Qatar Equestrian Federation also works to provide a secure environment for the education of riders and to inject a spirit of courage, self-confidence and a firm commitment to riders which has helped them in achieving an important step towards global levels. In recent years, a number of Qatari riders have qualified to the Asian and Olympic games and World Cup Finals, while Qatar riders have won Gold and Silver Medals the Asian Games in 2006

Qatar Equestrian

The world today looks to Qatar as an emerging nation in the equestrian world; What began as love and deep passion towards horses and equestrian sport has now inaugurated and confirmed Qatar and the Qatar Equestrian Federation as genuine power houses to provide generations of skilled and talented riders.

QEF Responsibilities

QEF is responsible for all Equestrian activities and competitions in the State of Qatar, whether it is part of the Olympic Games or beyond. Those events under its direct responsibility are three disciplines namely:


Jumping is the best known of the equestrian disciplines recognized by the FEI where men and women compete as equals in both individual and team events. In modern Jumping competitions, horse and rider are required to complete a course of 10 to 13 jumps, the objective of which is to test the skill, accuracy and training of both rider and horse The aim is always to jump the course in the designed sequence with no mistakes – a clear round. If any part of an obstacle is knocked down or if the horse refuses a jump, penalties are accumulated. The winner of the competition is the horse and rider combination that incurs the least number of penalties, completes the course in the fastest time or gains the highest number of points depending on the type of competition.


Dressage: is the systematic development of horse and rider, resulting in a balanced, harmonious team. In its most basic stages dressage helps the horse and rider communicate with each other and develop balance, strength, flexibility and accuracy. For this reason, riders with different backgrounds and competitive goals - jumping, eventing and barrel racing - often use dressage as a way of creating a pleasant, athletic mount and improving the horse's performance.

Three-Day Events

Eventing is an Equestrian event which comprises dressage, cross-country and show jumping. It has two main formats, the one day event (ODE) and the three-day event (3DE). Eventing competitions are run as either national or international competitions: CNC - a national one day event CCN - a national three day event CIC - an international one day event

Other responsibilities

QEF is also responsible of other equestrian disciplines, though indirectly, such as Endurance which in Qatar has a special governing body called the Qatar Endurance Committee. Endurance is very popular in Qatar as in the GCC region. However, it is not part of the Olympic Games.

QEF undertakes the following other tasks:

Registration Office of Riders and Horses

•Annual registration of Riders and Horse with the FEI as per respective disciplines. •Issues Renewals of FEI rider IDs annually as per respective disciplines. •Issues FEI passports for horses with a renewable 4-year validity and issues duplicate FEI passports in case of loss. •Transfer ownership of horses in sale and purchase transactions of horses and FEI registration of new owners. •Documentation of horse names in case of name change with the FEI. •Ensures all QEF registered horses are under its NF administration. •Number of horses under QEF administration is 1,011 horse as per FEI data by end of January 2013. The ownership of these horses belongs to various sources and sectors in Qatar. •Management of all event entries on FEI online calendar. •Make all rider and horse entries in all local and external competitions of all disciplines. •Full coordination with the FEI on all admin matters.

Stables & Grooms

QEF Grooms taking good care of a horse with an early morning swim.

Number of permanent stables at the Federation is 280 boxes. Number of temporary boxes at the Federation is 100 boxes. Number of Boxes at the quarantine is 40 boxes. Number of grooms looking after the horses is about 100 grooms 12 of who are stationed at the quarantine and the remainder at the Federation and few of whom are with the Qatar National teams teams abroad. Grooms are highly important as they are in constant contact with horses and are fully aware of their conditions and needs. They provide care, hygiene and feeding. Grooms are also an important middle link between horses and riders


Joss Gray, is overlooking a training session of Qatar National Eventing team in Oxfordshire, UK.

Currently there are 7 trainers at QEF. 3 trainers are dedicated to the riding school providing basic riding skills to new riders. 4 trainers, including one female trainer, are dedicated for senior riders with proven skills and talents. Qatar National Jumping team is being trained in the Netherlands by a Dutch trainer. Qatar National Team is being trained by an experienced British trainer in the UK

Jan Tops, Qatar Show Jumping Trainer

Image of Jan Tops training facility

Qatar National Show Jumping team is currently trained by Jan Tops, a former Dutch rider who won the Gold Medal of the 1992 Olympics Jumping Team event in Barcelona. Since 2006, Mr. Tops has initiated the Global Champions Tour which has caught more attention from the the global media and thus increased financial rewards. Mr. Tops relationship with Qatar equestrian has stretched for a long period of time but as of the first quarter of 2013 he has been focusing on training the first national team of Qatar in a training camp in the Netherlands. He has consequently been involving Qatar riders into several international competitions including legs of the Global Champions Tour in preparation for upcoming international events.